Oh, and the bagels are pretty good, too

I hate arbitrary email chain letters that that ask you to send to all your friends a list of 29 things or whatever, such as your “favorite TV show,” “best vacation,” etc.

But I often have a running mental list of things I like about New York, besides the subways, ethnic food and culture. This mental list is useful when I am crammed in thick on the train, surrounded by people who are all taller and smellier than me, or trudging down Broadway in Astoria in yet another windy rainstorm:

– It’s a dog’s town (ex. : this)
– It’s a coffee lovers town.

– People like to swear.

– People like to complain.

– More people wear jeans to work than anything else. And adults carry backpacks.

– There’s a bar(s) on every corner.

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7 thoughts on “Oh, and the bagels are pretty good, too

  1. john says:

    This may be a coffee lover’s town, but these people sure love themselves some horrid swill.
    Oh, my kingdom (or, rather, a burned cd from my collection) for a cup that’s worth the (over)price… many decent Italian joints can’t even get espresso right!!!

  2. joynmsu says:

    True, which begs the question: Where can you get *great* coffee in the city — that isn’t totally overpriced and is portable?

    I like La Pain Quotidien a lot.

  3. Erik Victory says:

    New York is awesome. Austin is nice, but I’ll take a coffee and complaint-obsessed mecca over this sea of attention-whoring hipsters any day. Someday I’ll live in New York…someday…

  4. joynmsu says:

    Well, there are a lot of hipsters, here too, probably a lot more than in Austin.

    But there’s just a whole lot of people here, period.

    We’d love for you to move here. That would be awesome. But, just be forewarned: No matter what, you will miss Tex-Mex cuisine and Whataburger. It’s a craving in the blood of every Corpus native.

  5. Dora says:

    If you do ever move here, Erik, just avoid Williamsburg in Brooklyn and you’ll be free of many unnecessary hipster encounters.

    Speaking of hipsters and coffee I have to say I’m a total sellout when it comes to the pumpkin latte at Starbucks…with skim milk. It’s the bomb. (To be fair I never pay for it…there is a partner here in the firm that gets me coffee a couple times a week)

  6. john says:

    There is one place that does a good cup – the Mud truck at Astor Place (sometimes at Union Square). Literally a big orange truck, it serves a mean one – at a decent price, no less. I think they have a coffee shop-proper in the east village somewhere.

    And I got good reason to complain; I had coffee in New Orleans at the tender age of 8. Once you’ve had the best, you’re spoiled for the rest.

    don’t get me started on bbq…

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