Oh no, he didn’t!

A friend of mine from long ago suddenly started commenting on my blog, signing in as “Charlie’s Real Father.”

It’s Jeff, my dear friend, who knew Charlie when he weighed less than a pound.

Yes, Jeff, it’s time for you to come visit us. Did I mention I work in Chelsea?

But there’s no way we’re signing over Charlie to you.

2 thoughts on “Oh no, he didn’t!

  1. Charlie's Real Father says:

    I have distinct memories of dogsitting Charlie while you were on vacation, which seemed like a brillion years ago.

    I was suspicious of him cuz he looked like a hamster, but I could tell he loved me instantly. And when you came back, he even whimpered, “Don’t go. I despise this woman. She smells like cats.”

    I told him I’d be back for him soon.

    Then I realized we must’ve bonded through the process of him crapping everywhere and me cleaning it up with all those issues of The Onion you kept neatly scattered throughout your apartment.

    And I knew my work was done.

    P.S. Charlie and I will be moving into an apartment in Chelsea, so thanks for the link!

  2. joynmsu says:

    It was very nice of you to clean up after his crapping. That’s the mark of a true friend, and a strong argument should we ever enter into a custody battle.

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