I just returned from Macy’s, in a vain attempt to buy a new winter coat.

I feel dehumanized right now.

Not only was everything boring and blah, nothing was cheaper than $200. Unless I wanted one of those “puffy” coats every other teenager in New York wears. You know, the kind with the cheap fur lining around the hood.

This makes the 3rd large department store I’ve gone to in hopes of finding an affordable and cute coat.

I also looked at the winter boots. Equally dehumanizing.

Salt in the wound: All the British shoppers who fly over to New York for the weekend, just because the dollar is cheap, compared to the pound. They packed Macy’s, flush in cash, and kept getting in my way.

If you can’t find a coat you like/can afford at the Herald Square Macy’s — I think one of the largest department stores in the U.S. — then you’re just S.O.L.Sigh.

7 thoughts on “Rant

  1. Dora says:

    HHhhhmmmm….I’m thinking forget that – go to Burlington Coat Factory. They have one at the Atlantic/Pacific stop Mall which is quick to get to. It’s the bomb, dude. CHEAP and more coats than you can shake a stick at. Brenda got a beautiful lavendar felt trench coat there for under $100. Good stuff. It’s HUGE, too.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I just heard from a friend who was also at Macy’s this weekend and apparenetly Jeffrey Sebelia’s PR collection is on display at one of the Macy’s windows??? You may need to haul it back to Macy’s…

  3. joynmsu says:

    Interesting…I wandered around a little bit outside and didn’t see anything. But Macy’s is an entire city block long, so it’s entirely possible that I missed it. I need to go on a day when it’s not swarmed with tourists. That would be a weekday. When I’m at work. OK, that won’t be easy.

    Anyhoo, when are you going to visit New York again? We should block out an entire day for Macy’s. I love it there, even if I had a bad coat experience.

  4. joynmsu says:

    Update: The coat I ordered online was a poor fit. It was actually a junior’s coat, although the model certainly looks older and more mature than a teen, and it wasn’t really labeled that way at all.

    So, since I’m not built like a stick, it didn’t fit well. I returned it.

    Why are there no corduroy coats anymore? Until I over-washed it, I had a fabulous, thickly lined, long corduroy coat that was soft and flatteringly tailored.

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