We’re going back to Tulum, Mexico, in February, along with a visit to Mexico City to see some friends.

This time, we’re spending our entire Tulum visit at, in a little thatched hut cabana. I find myself using metaphysical terms when describing Copal, because my brief visit there two years ago was like stumbling into my idealized afterlife, where I dine on fresh papaya and pineapple for breakfast, snorkel all day, and at night sip margaritas made with lime plucked from a nearby tree with only candelight serving as my guide (the cabanas do not have electricity) as I walk from the restaurant to the cabana, or the beach, or whereever I wander.

Above all else, the water was azure, and I could not take my eyes off of it.

Plus, I totally dug that our showerhead was a conch shell. And that 3-foot wild iguanas were perched in the trees, and pretty much anywhere you looked.

I’m stopping myself before I get lost in this daydream, again.



2 thoughts on “Eeeeeek!

  1. Jessica says:




    So jealous. My time there was idyllic and life-changing and I owe it to you for the recommendation.

    Someday I’ll get Steve to go there with me. It’s just that he’s afraid of iguanas.

  2. joynmsu says:

    But he’s probably not afraid of ladyflesh, and I would think the enticement of that outweighs fear of lizards.

    Speaking of, did you see any while you were there (lizards, not ladyflesh)? We stayed at three different cabana places in Tulum, and they were all over the place. But the largest one we saw was one sunbathing at the PeMex gas station in Tulum Pueblo. He was a good 5 feet long. And totally bad-ass.

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