It’s December 1

In St. Paul, MN, the high today is 27 degrees. Brrrr! But, it sounds accurate given their proximity to the Arctic Circle.

Many, many hours south, in perpetually balmy Corpus Christi, TX, (“where every day’s a bad hair day”) the high is 59 degrees. OK, that’s cold for South Texas, but otherwise believable. As long as my people can still wear their sandals and shorts, and they will pretty much always, even if there’s snow on the ground (aka when pigs fly).

But in New York, the high is 69 degrees. And people today are wearing sandals.

I find these things fascinating, perhaps because I (very) am easily entertained.

2 thoughts on “It’s December 1

  1. emily says:

    We had 2.5 inches of snow yesterday(in Lubbock) and the kids on campus were still wearing their shorts! Texas is a fascinating place.

  2. joynmsu says:

    I know! People who have never been, or only drove through briefly, fail to realize that.

    *Wrapping self in Texas flag, hoisting a Shiner beer, cranking the Willy Nelson CD….”

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