WAH is an acronym I like very much!

On Wednesday I start two weeks of WAH (working at home).

Our office is being renovated, and we’re getting all new furniture, carpet and wall paint.

My two week WAH tenure ends the day before my Christmas vacation begins, meaning I won’t be back in the office for almost three weeks.

I would add a sentence about happy this makes me, but I think that’s rather freaking obvious.

4 thoughts on “WAH is an acronym I like very much!

  1. MMalan says:

    The only thing better than working at home is NOT working — at home or anywhere!!! Bwaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, she added, maniacally.

  2. Tastes Like Burning says:

    I can’t tell you how jealous this makes me.

    I want to work from home!


    A.) It would get me away from my podmate who listens to music with headphones on maximum volume and also chews his food with mouth open, complete with finger-licking smacks.


    2.) I could go for three days without bathing. Maybe even longer. Deeply inhaling the glorious stench of working-at-home.

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