Style Me Up/Gotham Writers’ Workshop

As I sit here blogging and watching the Style Network, I’ve come to the realization that I’m utterly fascinated by fashion makeover TV shows. The best, of course, is the BBC’s What Not to Wear. I also like the American version by the same name (although Stacy and Clinton don’t hold a candle to Trinny and Susannah) and there are many other facsimiles (presently I am watching “How Do I Look?”). I’ll watch any of them.
Why? There’s always a happy ending (without fail, the women always look better and happier), and I dream of — no, ache for — receiving $5,000 just to buy new clothes.

I also love the pseudo-psychological advice, such as “You’re not honoring your dead husband by staying stuck in a style rut,” or “Mom, someone saw you taking out the trash, and they thought you were collecting cans. I felt so ashamed.”


I have one more week of fiction writing class. When I first decided to take the class, I tried to do some Googling to find blog posts to see if Gotham Writers’ Workshop was well regarded by individual students. I didn’t find much, so I’m writing this post for people searching for the same info. I love Gotham Writers’ Workshop. (I’m repeating their name because this helps Google search engines find this post, and not because I like to be repetitive.) The classes are definitely in a workshop format — heavy on writing exercises and light on fiction theory/lecturing.

So, be prepared to write a lot, to be creative and to have a ton of fun. (I took the in-person class, where 15 of us plus the teacher meet in a real classroom, but I’ve heard most people enjoy the online classes too.)

I hope that I have got the sudden parentheses proclivity out of my system. (Sorry.)

2 thoughts on “Style Me Up/Gotham Writers’ Workshop

  1. alexia brown says:

    Was it the Fiction I class that you took? I just finished up the Creative Writing 101 online class and enjoyed it. It was a 6 week course as opposed to a 10 week course and I hope that the longer Fiction course is more in depth.

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