Thirty damn years


It has been thirty damn years since I was born.

On one (youthful, sparkly) hand, I feel great to be thirty and am living a life I could have never dreamed. I’m a health editor in New York City, possibly on the verge of becoming a published fiction writer. I have a witty, smart husband with brilliant taste in all things cultured, and a dog who couldn’t possibly get fuzzier.

On the other (wrinkled, wilted) hand, I no longer enjoy watching MTV and vehemently hate teenagers. I worry about getting older and becoming invisible. I have never liked the passage of time very much, how work days take forever and vacations days go by in a blink.

So, it’s with mixed reactions that I greet this day. But mostly positive mixed reactions.

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10 thoughts on “Thirty damn years

  1. Suzanne says:

    What’s so bad about not liking MTV anymore? (Even if supposedly Laguna Beach may be one for the ages.) You’ve just matured and learned to appreciate the finer cable stations like TLC and Bravo.

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. RWalsh says:

    At 66 I hate MTV, teenagers, getting older, necessary work that seems to take hours and rest periods that last mere minutes. I am surrounded by a wonderful wife, a dutiful daughter, a sensational son, a daring-do daughter-in-law, a caucaufinous cat and enough friends, family and food to keep my larder stocked for years. I greet each day with a “whew”.
    So, your point about 30???

  3. Betty Victory says says:

    Hey, everyone–cut the teenagers some slack. That is their job, to irratate or disgust you! I hated subbing in high school. Many of them just live to be obnoxiously cruel. Even so, I also ran into some teens who were wonderful human beings. Lets face it, none of us were easy to be around at that age, either. OK I dare you, thhhinnnkkk way BACK to those days. SEE what I mean!!!

    I have many things to be thankful for. For instance, I am so happy that Don and I REALLY like our Son-In-Law’s parents and their daughter.

    I have never liked the passage of time much, either. Maybe, Joy picked up on my feelings. Why can’t we just stay about the way we are in our 50’s and then just very suddenly die whenever we were due to die ? I always wished I could do that for my parents. They were such wonderfully sweet people.

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