Vayo con dios, Ford

It ranks up their as perhaps our most morbid bit of sightseeing: This weekend, Brendan and I waited in line at the U.S. Capitol to view the casket of Gerald Ford.

While the viewing was underwhelming — the coffin was covered by a flag, so who knows if he was actually in there — we got to see the Capitol from the inside out. It’s all that you would expect it to be: huge marble sculptures, big paintings, hushed hallways and a security entrance as strict and demoralizing as an airport (a woman in front of me had to throw out her perfume, another woman had to explain that the fluid she was carrying was insulin.)

We also spent a lot of time walking around the Columbia Heights neighborhood of D.C., which like so many of the neighborhoods, is filled with little row houses like this that make me utter “it’s soooo cute!”

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