Our dark reflections

One of my more bizarre compulsions is to take pictures of shadows waving. Bizarre, but unique, right?



(First two photos taken on our old roof deck. Last photo by Concetta Smith, or the chick on the left. I coerced her into taking this picture, and am very pleased at its overall funky Charlie’s Angels look — buoyed by Charlie the dog watching over us. And how my hips and legs look smaller than Connie’s, which isn’t the reality, unfortunately. )

I’ll refrain from posting all the narcissistic photos of me taking pictures of myself using various reflective surfaces. Although the current masthead is an example of that, using a shadow as my dark reflection.

3 thoughts on “Our dark reflections

  1. Joey says:

    I think your pictures are very cool.

    I take a ton of pictures of parts of my cats. . . their noses, their paws, their eyes. . . .

    With a decent macro, they’ve turned out to be mini-masterpieces, and several of my photographic experiments have become ‘art work’ in my house!

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