Hannibal Lecter lives in Queens, as a way messed up teen

Often, true life is so much scarier than fiction.

Such is the case with the tale of young Yovanni Rivera and Marcos Polanco, arrested recently for attacking and robbing people in a Queens park. Rivera’s nickname is Nyquil, because he beats his victims into a Nyquil-like stupor, which is evident if you scroll down on the link page to see the photo of the poor man who crossed Rivera’s path on Christmas Day.

What makes Rivera/Nyquil so nightmarish is not only what he did, but how he looks. Here he is on the left, his ugly mug courtesy of the Queens Courier. I’m sure the Law & Order writers are already fleshing out this plotline for TV.

Why’s his face like that? He accidentally lit himself on fire as he was tying to ignite a van that he had just vandalized. He got lucky and lived — too bad, because he would have made a great Darwin Award winner.

Oh, and the story says they robbed people to get money for food. Yet, as you’ll note in the photo, Polanco is sporting some fairly fancy (and shall I say girly) diamond-studded earrings. Food? Yeah, right.

4 thoughts on “Hannibal Lecter lives in Queens, as a way messed up teen

  1. DKN says:

    Ugh. This story creeps me out on many levels. In fact my first thought when I heard about it (before they caught the kids) was “OK, will this be in the second half of Law & Order’s season or will they save it for the opener next year?” Let’s start taking bets, people…

  2. john says:

    Yeah, that little butterball Polanco… he sure is a pretty fella. If he thinks his dance card is full on this side of the wall, just wait til his first Attica State Peniteniary Spring Mixer.

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