Good Times: Happy Birthday, Erik

It’s my little brother’s birthday today, and I’ve been trying to come up with a great story to illustrate how fun it is to have a little brother. There’s plenty of examples, like the time we got bored one summer and created a synchronized swimming routine that involved every corny dance move known to exist (ex: he pretended to be fishing, and I pretended to get caught, so I made gasping gill-like movements with my hands as I partially flew out of the pool water as he reeled me in) and then invited our parents to come out and watch us perform our “routine”…. or the time we played an agonizingly long series of of 20 Questions as we made the even more agonizingly long trek from El Paso to Corpus Christi and came up with a very efficient way of asking the 20 questions (“1. Is it a human concept or physical object?”) …or the time when I taught him to drive, at the NMSU parking lot, and two little owls crawled out of a lamppost, watching us curiously.. .or, more recently, the time that we turbo-toured the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art in one swift afternoon and I realized my brother knew far more about art than me….

3 thoughts on “Good Times: Happy Birthday, Erik

  1. Erik says:

    By the way thanks for the Happy Birthday, that’s really nice. When describing having a little brother, I’ve seen you use lots of adjectives, but never “fun”. That’s an improvement on my part.

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