To Boldly Go Into the Unknown

I love looking at NASA’s satellite images of Earth (except the ones that show all the glaciers melting.) I especially love the less frequently available photos snapped by more distant spacecraft dispatched around our local star system. Like these two.


Yes, I’m a nerd, I guess. But what I don’t understand is why more people aren’t intrigued by this particular topic, too. Why, for instance, do we let politicians spend money on wars, when there’s this whole damn universe that needs exploring? If I were president, I’d work toward a government that spent a lot more on NASA. Oh, yeah, and ending world hunger and all that, too.

Photos from NASA.

2 thoughts on “To Boldly Go Into the Unknown

  1. Betty Victory says says:

    I really like these photos. There is something comforting about how perfect the shape and color of the spheres are. How glowing and beautiful. Yet, we know a closer look would reveal a sharp contrast to this orderly radiant beauty. Sadly, it would reveal areas of chotic hatred, war and famine.

    I heard a commentator say the War in Iraq is costing 8 billion a month!!! It is hard to wrap your mind around that figure. We could easily provide health care and social security for everyone in our country. Then we could reach out to solve more problems on this earth. We could explore new worlds.

    Thank you for these pictures Joy, they remind us that there is beauty to behold.

  2. little indian says:

    Ever since I can remember, I have always been intrigued by ‘the final frontier’. Looking at photos of our solar system and beyond.

    (I am sure you have seen this); this is the photograph that literally brought it all home to me.

    That is what we are, that is all that we have (for now at least) and that is what all the animosity, politics, fighting and war is all about.

    From stardust we have come, back to stardust we will transform. If we have any such thing as a soul which is eternal, then who knows we may see those lovely sights for our own selves sometime hence.

    Unless we have already been there, seen it, done it.

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