Icicles on my nose

OK, not really. But it’s a bit nippy today:

Mostly Sunny
19° | 18°

Since it’s 3 p.m., I should run outside right now and see if the sun has indeed warmed the air 1 degree to 19.

But I won’t. I am only going outside when 5 p.m. rolls around, and the Happy Hour buzzer dings, if it isn’t encapsulated in ice.

This morning, as I exited the subway and felt my skin begin to harden into a frozen carapace, a woman passed me drinking an iced coffee. Sometimes I just wanna slap people.

The best part about windy, sub-freezing weather is …wait, I can’t think of anything. The worst part, besides how painful the air feels, is the snot that materializes as soon as you walk into a heated environment. Sexy!

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