At Least I Don’t Forage in Trash Piles

One of the techniques I’ve used to get myself through life is to keep in mind that, no matter what, someone has got it worse than me. One of my all time favorite “it’s not so bad” reminders is a documentary I saw on a group of people who live, quite literally, in a garbage dump in Malayasia. They sleep on the trash, and pick through it for food or other goodies.

Whenever I feel poor, or stare jealously at yet another chic New York City girl’s shoes, clothing or haircut, I think of the garbage people. I may not be very stylish, but at least I don’t forage in trash piles. (and) God, those shoes are cute. I hate her.

On a far less extreme note, I feel this same way when I check my Google homepage, where I have listed the weather forecast of four cities: New York, Corpus Christi, Cancun and St. Paul, MN. Predictably, this week, Cancun is warm, Corpus Christi is temperate, New York is chilly and St. Paul is so cold it’s not even registering on most thermometers. Sure, I’m cold walking to the subway, but at least it’s not -12 degrees in New York. I’d end up an ice sculpture on the platform if it got that cold here.

This does mean my poor Minnesotan in-laws are suffering through some pretty extreme weather right now, but they have assured me many times that this is no big deal to them. Perhaps they say “at least were not in Nunavut, Canada, where the high is -27 degrees.

But what do the Nunavutans say?

2 thoughts on “At Least I Don’t Forage in Trash Piles

  1. Suzanne says:

    They say “at least we have publicly-funded healthcare for all citizens that gives us an average yearly cost of $630 compared to the U.S.’s $2719.”

    (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

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