Rabbits the ‘Size of Cocker Spaniels’

You’ve just gotta see this photo.

That man is breeding gigantic rabbits in hopes of staving off famine in North Korea. He’s already sold off a few.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure big-ass bunnies are a smart idea. In many cities, rabbits have joined, if not superseded, the ranks of raccoon, deer, Canada geese, o’possums and stray cats. These animals have three things in common: prolific breeding, hardy all-weather fur coats, and a non-picky diet (note: They love to eat human trash).

While enormous rabbits may help feed poor North Koreans, they also will get loose and decimate gardens and farms.

Haven’t we learned anything?

3 thoughts on “Rabbits the ‘Size of Cocker Spaniels’

  1. Betty Victory says says:

    Poor buns!! I wonder about the efficiency of this as a protein source, also. Seems like some kind of crop would be better. This is why I have trouble believing in sanctions on a country. Just seems to starve the good people and make them less likely to overthrow their evil government because they are so weak.

  2. DKN says:

    That’s very true, Betty. Just look at what our sanctions had done to Iraq. It’s a perfect example of what you are talking about.

    “It’s 1991 and we’re (almost) done bombing you now so please enjoy your fabulous door prize of – envelope please! – a crippling infant mortality rate which will damn-near wipe out an entire generation of healthy, educated young people for the next 12 years before we decide to start bombing you again. We hope you won’t be needing those healthy, educated young people or anything…”

  3. joynmsu says:

    And sanctions lead to wacky German men breeding enormous bunnies and selling them to starving North Koreans, who won’t be concerned about the genetic abnormalities. Imagine if they kept breeding them bigger and bigger, until they’re like kangroos or something. Creepy.

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