Random Recipe: Frito Pie

My Aunt Linda has a saying: If there are no Fritos in heaven, then she’s not going.

It’s not just Victorys that feel this way, it’s Texans too. Especially South Texans, where Frito Pie is even offered up in school cafeterias, where it is served in the chip bag. (Or it was done this way when I was a child). On weekends, Frito Pie sales are often used like a car wash or bake sale — to to drum up fund-raising business. $1 a Frito Pie. Delicious.

Frito Pies are great for winter weather, because its thick, hot and spicy. So, just in time to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Fritos, here’s a vegetarian version of the classic Texas Frito Pie.

Vegetarian Frito Pie


– Fritos, preferably in individual snack size bags. One bag per person. If only large bags are available, pour a cupful into a cereal bowl per person.

– Vegetarian chili of choice, one can will feed two people. Pinto bean chili with soy crumbles is the closest to the real thing.

– Shredded yellow cheese of choice, the meltier the better

Directions: Heat chili to a pretty hot temperature on stove. Slice open the Frito bag on its long side. Pour chili into bag, so that it just covers the Fritos, but doesn’t soak them. Sprinkle shredded cheese over chili. Ideally, serve with a spork.

If you can only get your hands on bigger bags (sadly, Fritos are not widely available in New York in all chip bag sizes, as they are in Texas) , pour Fritos into a cereal-sized bowls instead of using the bag.

Note: While this may be vegetarian, it certainly ain’t low-cal.

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