The Bling Bling of Mother Nature

turquoise beach

During our stay in Mexico, we went deep into the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, a protected natural reserve on the Caribbean Sea that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It means “origin of the sky” in Mayan, and I believe it. During our two trips there, we were almost blinded by endless shades of green and blue, and we saw a saltwater crocodile, a sea turtle, dolphins and numerous birds. Take a tour with me….

First, we went on a self-guided kayaking tour across a lagoon. The lagoon is shallow and a creamy light green color, a color I struggle to explain. It’s bright. Here’s the path of our kayaking trip. To the far right — the darker blue — is the Caribbean Sea. The tiny spit of land is what separates the sea from the lagoons. Click for full view:

Kayak Path

The starting point of our kayaking trip began here, at this palapa, which is a tiny dot on the above map:


We didn’t take a camera out on the kayak, otherwise I’d proudly display a shot of the saltwater crocodile that Brendan so deftly spotted. We saw it right as we were preparing to paddle back to our starting point. I was lost in my own reverie, staring at fat pelicans in trees, when I heard Brendan call my name. I tried to play it cool, and not gasp with amazement, but it really was one of those big moments in my life: Kayaking next to a crocodile. As we got closer, it made a loud splash, dove down and disappeared.

The next day, we took a boat tour of the biosphere. We headed to Punta Allen, a small fishing village on the tip of the peninsula. On our way down, we saw dolphins, and:

UpClose Turtle

A loggerhead turtle!

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