Beaver in Da Bronx

While I could go on and on with more blog posts about my trip to Mexico, I won’t (for now). Let’s just say I can’t wait to go back, as always.

Now, returning to my journalism roots for a second, it’s been an interesting week in environmental news. First: Now that scientists have nailed down what’s been killing the world’s frogs at an alarming rate — a weird fungus — they are asking organizations to build their own Noah’s Ark style of live frog collections to weather the fungal storm and save our planet’s amphibians.

And a bit of fun, on-the-bright-side news: A beaver has been spotted in the Bronx River, making him the first beaver to live in NYC for hundreds of years. He’s been named Jose! And he has his own beaver lodge made of mud and tree limbs.

Should we tell Jose how much rent that lodge would go for if he was human?

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