Another Thing We Take for Granted: Honeybees

From time to time I read an article, and learn something not only new, but surprising and completely fascinating. Today it’s a New York Times article on the mysterious loss of honeybees.

I didn’t realize this, although I should have, but honeybees are used to pollinate massive agricultural crops across the U.S. Beekeepers transport them to each crop, and this business has outstripped the other demand for bees — honey production. As the article states, “Beekeepers are the nomads of the agriculture world, working in obscurity in their white protective suits and frequently trekking around the country with their insects packed into 18-wheelers, looking for pollination work.”

But, for unknown reasons, the bees are disappearing and our crops are threatened. Bees have always been vulnerable to things like mites and pesticides, but this is the largest disappearance on record. Who knew? I took this whole process for granted, expecting my fruit and nuts to automatically appear the grocery store, on demand, with nary a problem.

2 thoughts on “Another Thing We Take for Granted: Honeybees

  1. josefgraf says:


    A note to let you know about this article, a current issue being addressed by the Earth Vision project –

    “Why the Bees Are Dying”

    Using spiritual ecology to bring environmentalism to the next level, the EV project has several current newsworthy items.
    To access them, visit:

    Current Environmental Issues (on the Earth Vision site)

    Thanks for your attention,

    Josef Graf
    Earth Vision + Insight21
    answers for the 21st Century +

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