Oh, the Opulence: Radio City Music Hall

After a couple of stiff drinks on a Friday night, I guess anything can seem lovely. But Radio City Music Hall is a sight to behold.

I walked in there for a concert unaware of the opulence. In a word, it’s majestic. In a few more words, it’s art-deco majestic. It’s far better than any other pretty nice venue I’ve been to in New York, like the Beacon Theatre, Webster Hall, the Roseland Ballroom and Carnegie Hall.

To get to our seats, I took a carpeted, gold paneled elevator.

People see musicians at Radio City to hear some of the best live sound in the world. Unfortunately, this means there are audio nerds present. One man behind us kept trying to personally converse with the sound engineers by shouting “TURN DOWN THE UPPER MID-RANGE.”

There was also the seemingly unavoidable “bridge-and-tunnel” crowd in the row behind us, who kept shouting at Lucinda to play “Car Wheels,” one of her better known songs, although by now it is several years old. “Cah Wheels! Come on, PLAY CAH WHEELS,” they’d shout with their thick New York accents.

I fought the urge to turn around and shout “FREEBIRD” in their faces.

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