Amazing Human: Sir David Attenborough


Earlier today I got a text message from my friend Adam: ” U have to watch Planet Earth on Discovery. Am watching it in HD and…wow.”

Of course, I have been watching Planet Earth. What sets it apart is its intimate and high-definition camera views of the world’s animals and ecosystems, producing images and video never seen before, like the species of octupi that run on their legs, or a starving polar bear who is desperately attacking a walrus three times its size.

I highly recommend the series and any of the other work from the show’s writer, “Sir” David Attenborough. To Americans, he’s relatively unknown. But in the U.K., he’s considered their most “trusted celebrity” for his smart, whimsical and fantastic nature documentaries. After 50 years of making documentaries from all the nooks and crannies of the world, he’s also dubbed the “most travelled person on Earth.”

In other words, he’s worked his ass off to make people care about Mother Nature. And he’s not afraid to speak candidly about our impact on our planet, making him one of my favorite people ever, too.

(Much of his body of work is available on Netflix, and I’m very happy that Discovery has brought his work to the U.S. If you watch it, you will be hypnotized, I promise.)

Photo: BBC

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