Virginia Tech: The Victims, from the NYT

As a cynical journalist, it’s hard to get me upset about most news events. On Sept. 11,  I worked until the wee hours of the night, laying out newspaper pages and editing news stories. And then I worked for many days straight,  having very little time to sit back and reflect on what happened.

And don’t even ask me about my days at ABC News. No matter what the news story was, my bosses made a joke about it. I nearly walked out many times.

So, now that I have a job that’s less about the news, and more about general information, I feel a bit more like a regular person — reacting to the news, rather than providing it. This is the first big news  event (I feel) that’s happened since I stopped being a reporter, and I find myself absorbing the information on a more emotional level. Namely, this: The Victims.

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