Random Pretty Photo: This Rocks

My old friend Kristie told me once, “you’ve always had the heart of a traveler.”

It’s true, and when I’m sitting in my cubicle, staring at this screen, I daydream about traveling. It’s why I live in New York — every block is like going some place new, and there are three big airports nearby with direct flights all over the world.

While I enjoy visiting cities, I really like harsh, weird environmental landscapes the best. The swampy Yucatan jungle. The aspen tree line in Colorado. The blackfly-infested Wisconsin river. Or, the moonscape of the New Mexican desert, which is nature’s sculpture:


(photo by Mom and Dad Victory, at a secret location in Western New Mexico. “I don’t want to tell where this is because it is so pristine,” Mom Victory says, “and I don’t want it to get overrun with people/photographers.” Joy: I’m flattered that my mother thinks my blog has such power!)

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