Random Pretty Photos: Lava-licious

OK, here’s this week’s final installment of New Mexico travel photos from Mom and Dad Victory.

First, the Palisades rock formations near Cimarron, N.M. Very pretty!


But the El Malpais National Monument (lava flows) in northwestern N.M. are super cool, because cactus grows up out of the rather freshly dried lava (fresh as in only 2-3,000 years old).


An overview shot of the lava flows. “Lava flows, cinder cones, pressure ridges and complex lava tubes dominate the landscape,” says the National Park Service.


I think only piles of sand are more arid than this, people.

One thought on “Random Pretty Photos: Lava-licious

  1. Betty Victory says says:

    The crystal clear and swiftly flowing Cimarron River runs all along the Palisades, so this area is definitely not arid. This is a huge area for wilderness camping and quite comfortable most of the year. This is one of the favorite spots for the National Eagle Scouts.

    Up close, the Malpais is broken into large chunks which shift in all directions, making this impossible to cross on horseback. It provides deep cracks for all sorts of varmints to live in–especially rabbits.

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