He’s a Mighty, Mighty Muskie


What is this god-awful ugly thing?

It’s a muskie, short for muskellunge, a large, aggressive fish found in Minnesotan and Wisconsin lakes. It’s the biggest member of the pike type of fish, and it’s known to jump out of the water and snatch squirrels sitting on tree branches. Seriously. They are prized by fisherman, since they put up quite a fight. They even have their own magazine, Musky Hunter — a very apt name, don’t you think?

So, with a reputation like that, it’s no wonder this larger-than-life (but not by much) version graces the front of a bait-and-tackle shop in Grand Marais, Minn.

“Brendan’s never caught one,” notes Brendan’s dad.

Photo by Laurie B.

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