NYC Wildlife: Big, Fat, Smart Squirrels


This is our neighbor, Ashley. All day she runs up and down the giant green ash tree outside of our apartment. Lately, she’s been hoarding leaves, presumably for a nest she’s building. I know Ashley is a girl because her stomach is very “I’ve been nursing” right now.

As you can tell, gray squirrels in NYC don’t suffer from malnutrition, what with the discarded White Castle fries and other assorted trash left on the sidewalk, and the occasional handout from crazy people.

Although Ashley is quite entertaining, she’s not nearly as pretty as the other type of squirrels prevalent in the northeast, the black squirrels. They are the same breed/species as Ashley, just a genetic fluke made them prettier. Here’s a black squirrel. And here’s one in the snow.

And, finally, I don’t know what this is about, but it’s funny.

(P.S., the Latin name for the green ash tree just totally rocks. It’s: Fraxinus pennsylvanica. Perhaps I’ll name Ashley’s boyfriend Fraxinus.)

3 thoughts on “NYC Wildlife: Big, Fat, Smart Squirrels

  1. Julie says:

    What a sweet little girl she is!! We have a few that hang out in the backyard here at the house and torment my indoor cat! It is really funny to watch and quite entertaining.

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