It’s Hard to Be Bored in NYC

Lately, life has been good, almost to the point that I’m feeling a bit spoiled. Blogging about it would seem superficial.

Not like that’s going to stop me.

Friday night: After leaving work early, I spent it at New York’s only beer garden with my closest friends, sipping Staropramen beer and catching up with everyone. Saturday, I went to a Yankees game. Although it was steamy weather, and they lost the game, we had great seats over third base. There’s something I love about Yankee Stadium, although I have no special affinity for the team itself. Sunday: Walked across Chinatown, admiring the weird assortments of dried fish, and I had a delectable foamy pink drink called a Metropolitan Top Shelf at the fabulous Toad Hall bar in SoHo, before having even more fabulous Mexican food at the chic Papatzul. Monday: Visited the Broadway Street Fair in Astoria — avoiding the tempting Greek desserts in lieu of iced tea — before heading to BB King’s Blues bar in Times Square to watch (and shimmy to) a very convincing Bob Dylan tribute band while snarfing down the most creamy Mac and Cheese known to man.

Tonight? More of the same, as we have plans to dine at a Tuscan restaurant in the West Village. I’m also happy to have found a book I really, really like.

And now, friends, a random pretty photo:


Brown pelican in flight near Rincon, Puerto Rico.

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