A Slithering Surprise – Texas Rattlesnake Says Hello


For most residents and many visitors, Snoopy’s Restaurant on the Laguna Madre in Corpus Christi, Texas, is a must-visit. The seafood is fried fresh to order, and the sunset views from the outdoor tables are simply spectacular.

I’ve been going there since I was a kid, and never have I heard of what happened to my mom and her friends last week. She reports that while a large group of her friends were eating and laughing, they noticed:

Some strange activity by two people who were pointing and peering out to the table behind me. Ann (Mom’s friend) finally heard their warning that there was a rattlesnake under that table and blurted it out to the rest of us. You never saw our group jump up any faster!!

After much fuss, the snake “slithered in the opposite direction to escape down a drain hole. [Two of mom’s friends] got a picture before the staff came out with a shovel to do away with said snake. They were too late – he escaped! We decided to leave … I looked at the picture in a friend’s viewfinder and couldn’t quite believe the very vivid markings and rattle that showed up. His head was already down the drain, but …we guestimated his length to be about 3 feet.”

While I certainly never saw a rattler at Snoopy’s, rattlesnakes on Padre Island are elusive but fairly common (or once were – like all fragile creatures, they are in decline). They hunt rabbits, birds, eggs (bird eggs, sea turtle eggs being too scarce these days) and little rodents.

The only time I got face-to-face with Texas rattlesnakes, sadly, was here: Freer Rattlesnake Round Up.

Yes. Horrified? Intruiged? Read more about rattlesnake roundups from the National Geographic.


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