Photo: South Texas Rattlesnake – Revealed!

When I opened my email and saw this photo, my first thought was HOLY SH*T!


Read the full story of the snake, here.

This is the photo of the rattlesnake that “joined” my Mom and her friends for dinner at Snoopy’s Restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas, recently. I love how it’s just his tail end, as if he’s making an escape, hiding his mug shot, but in reality, the snapshot leaves NO doubt that this was a diamondback rattlesnake! You’re guilty, buddy!

When I moved to New York four years ago, I did feel like I left behind a vast wilderness. Texas may receive a lot of bad press (New Yorkers love to hate Texas), but in its more rural parts, it remains untamed in a scary-but-good way. What’s a dose of historic reality if not a rattlesnake joining you for dinner?

6 thoughts on “Photo: South Texas Rattlesnake – Revealed!

  1. mmalan says:

    It’s a testament to your character, Joy, that you would see “good” in a rattlesnake in a restaurant. I myself will stick with with “holy f s–t.”

  2. Betty Victory says says:

    Martha, I lean toward your feelings on this one. He is pretty in a sort of horrifying way! I am surprised that he was not more intimidated by people!!!! Those that are seen on Padre Island are extremely shy and do everything they can NOT to be seen and to stay away from people. It would only be very poor timing on a person’s part, if they got bit.

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