The Joys of Owning a Dog with Allergies

OK, so there are few actual joys of owning a dog with allergies.

This time of year, every year, without fail, Charlie becomes overcome with skin allergies, scratching day and night, furiously, like he’s chasing an elusive, aggressive flea. While we try to sleep, he shakes the bed with his infinite scratching. His ears become giant tangles, and his skin turns pink. He’s miserable.

So, I start giving him baby Benadryl twice a day, and special-order some skin spray from the veterinarian. When it gets really bad, I turn him into a lampshade — a minor joy, because he’s so damn cute, like a little daisy flower:


Miraculously, every year, by the end of August, his allergies get better, and cease. Until next year.

7 thoughts on “The Joys of Owning a Dog with Allergies

  1. emily says:

    He is just so cute! It is a shame that can’t do the test on him that they did on Chloe to find out what his allergy is.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Ummm…about this dogsitting gig….HA just kidding he’s still so cute even with his cone. Auntie Suzanne promises not to laugh at him when he’s wearing it.

  3. lplatzeck says:

    I also have an allergic pet. My dog was licking her paws so much that they turned pink from saliva.
    I have changed her food to Innova (I’m not making any money from Innova to say this) and it has worked wonders.
    What happens in July? What kicks off her allergies. Mine get yeast infections that can affect the entire body, not just feet.

    You might find some comments on my web site that will help people with allergic dogs.

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