Black Squirrels Are Pretty, Red Squirrels Are Pissy

Here on Lake Minerva in upper Wisconsin, you’re never too far from wildlife. Especially squirrels. And, until you’ve spent some real quality time around squirrels, you’d have no idea how neurotic they truly are. Well, actually just the red squirrels, who are total drama queens.

The black squirrels, which are a genetic variation of the standard Eastern Gray squirrel are your typical nut-obsessed squirrel, but prettier:

Black Squirrel

Meanwhile, red squirrels are just plain nuts. I’ve named the one that lives near the cabin Cranky, for s/he swears a blue streak at me each time I step onto the deck. How dare I invade Cranky’s territory! Can’t I see Cranky’s trying to eat in peace? While other squirrels run away, Cranky tries to scare me off, chirping, grunting, squeaking.

And Cranky’s not afraid to get close:

Cranky the Red Squirrel

At first, I took this personally. Then I read more about red squirrels, and the article said they are known for their “furious scolding” and how they often fly “into a frenzy,” so I feel better now. That’s exactly my Cranky.

At least he’s cute, I guess:

Cranky the Red Squirrel2

7 thoughts on “Black Squirrels Are Pretty, Red Squirrels Are Pissy

  1. DKN says:

    SQUEEEEE!!!!! Cranky is SO CUTE! You should send those into cuteoverload. She’s been on a real “beady eye” kick lately.

  2. dvictory says:

    Yay Cranky!

    He/She is like the huge blackbirds in our yard. They squawk and carry on every time we walk out into their front yard. We are such a nuisance in their yard. They don’t like to be interrupted when they are soaking the pieces of dog food (stolen from across the street) in the bird bath.

    ps Cranky is soo cute! —–Ouch, poor gray squirrels!


  3. dvictory says:

    oh no, I just looked at your picture of the grey squirrel. His pose looks like he might have had an encounter with a red!

  4. Mui Bien says:

    Spunky and cute! I sure do like those hyper little buggers. And I agree with you, the black squirrels are very pretty; they don’t seem to last very long though around my place.

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