What Else Lurks (and Squeaks) Behind the Furniture?

evil mickey

This winter we had a wee mouse problem. So, we set up mousetraps all over the place, and tried to remember to check on them each morning. We caught a lot of mice, and our rodent infestation abated. Or we thought.

On Friday, our new computer arrived. It’s a big, bulky (but brilliant) desktop, and setting it up involved moving of furniture, shuffling of home goods, and most importantly, finding a place to plug everything in, along one wall.

Ever the helpful spouse, I hoisted one of our bookcases forward, so we could access a power strip laying on the ground.

And greeting me was a mouse. In a mousetrap. Its wee body snapped in half, dead, apparently for many, many months.

I squealed, and went into a hyperkinetic fit. Brendan, inexplicably declared that I would have to get rid of the many-months-dead mouse.

“I’ll even let you blog about,” he said, trying to offer a token exchange. I continued to squeal, retch and generally throw a hissy fit. He wouldn’t have it. He just went on stubbornly setting up the computer, while the dead mouse stayed on the ground. Finally, I relented, grabbed a couple of plastic bags, and picked up the mouse and mousetrap, gagging.

I had to tug a little to get it free from the floor, which didn’t help my anger factor one bit (I have said this before on this blog, and it’s unfortunate I have to say this again, but, at least it didn’t smell).

Anyway, this blog post is Brendan’s comeuppance.

(Photo: Kelly A on Zooomr)

4 thoughts on “What Else Lurks (and Squeaks) Behind the Furniture?

  1. emily says:

    This winter we had something LARGE die in the attic. It was just our luck that it was in a place that couldn’t be reached. If it had been our house we would have cut a hole in the ceiling, it smelled that bad. You are lucky your mouse didn’t stink. We can’t use febreeze air spray anymore because we used it to try and mask the dead thing. The other day one of Isabel’s friends asked if the game room still smelled. I don’t think any of us will forget it for a long time.

    And FYI, I was the one on a mission with the maintenance men looking for it.

  2. joynmsu says:

    Emily, I bet it was a possum.

    Did I ever tell you of the story of how I rented a house in Corpus that was previously inhabited by a man who died there — and was dead, on the floor, for a week in the middle of summer before being discovered?

    I learned this after I was in the process of moving out. A neighbor came by, and I complained to her about the persistent smell, and she told me all about the death. She told me where he died, and I could see the body’s outline in the hardwood floor. Seriously.

    Later, she brought flowers, because she could tell that the smell explanation had horrified me.

    Long story short, dead things smell. Somehow, our little mouse friend didn’t.

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