Shih Suz, or Things I’ve Keyworded Successfully Yet Mysteriously

A large part of my day job is spent analyzing and editing documents for SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO means how to get your stuff on Google, preferably in the first page of returns (aka rankings).  I have to know how to use keywords successfully.  Keywords, for my less internet-savvy readers, are simply the terms people type in when they search on any search engine.

For my blog, I take a far less serious approach to keywording, not worrying about it too much. Still, it’s amusing to me to see when I have (usually inadvertently) optimized something nicely. And I just love to see the keywords that inexplicably brought people to my site.


For example, I’ve done well when it comes to optimizing for Lake Minerva, the lake where I “summer” with my family. The exact search term “Lake Minerva” Wisconsin is mostly links (and feed links) to my blog on the first page of returns. This is no surprise to me, I’ve written about the lake a lot, and it’s a unique term — there aren’t a lot of Lake Minervas out there.

I’m also doing pretty good with my name in an exact search in quotes: “Joy Victory”.  And, given that those are two common nouns, there are a lot of joys and victorys out there on the web, particularly on religious sites. That was actually something I struggled with — should I or should I not optimize for my name? Do I want stalkers to be faced with page after page of religious quotes? (A: Yes.)

But, then I decided to hell with it, it’s too hard to fight Google. Case in point: By simply writing and posting this post with my name in it will push my search engine returns up higher. The internets are smart. Still, an unrestricted search of my name (not putting my name in quotes when you search) is still something I have not cornered the market on. Yet. 


“I hate skinny jeans.” I’m #4 on this in Google. Which means that women (and presumably some men) are like me — so fed up with the trend of skinny jeans that they desperately search the internets to see who else, too, hates skinny jeans. It feels good to confirm that I am not alone in my hatred. I also love my headline.

I’m also currently #1 for becoming a Simpsons character. It’s fantastic to see my blog first for this search term. I heart the Simpsons.

I’m also doing pretty well for albino dolphins. Like Dave Barry says, “The Albino Dolphins” would make a great band name, no?


My favorite is pretty much cancun bubies. I won’t link to that, since I don’t rank that well. It just means an “amorous” person waded through many pages of search returns trying to find cancun bubies and eventually found my post that was indeed about Cancun but not about the bubies, sadly. (I can’t help but wonder if the searcher agreed with my viewpoint on the erosion issue?) Also: good band name, again.

I also like shih suz. Presumably, the person who typed that into Google didn’t know how to spell shih tzu, a breed of dog that happens to be the breed of my dog, who just also happens to be under the care of my sista-in-law Suzanne, better known as Suz.

So, it’s like a mash-up of my dog’s breed and my sista-in-law: Shih suz.


The keywords go on and on, some shocking, some perplexing, and most misspelled.

(Props to Dana for inspiring me to write in this style.)

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