In Big Cities, Young Women Earn More than Men

The New York Times reports today that in large U.S. cities, women in their 20s now earn more than men of the same age (on average.)

While I am tempted to celebrate by popping open a bottle of champagne and handing out a huge collective pat on the back to my mother’s generation, who are, after all, who we should primarily credit for this milestone, I also feel the need to state that, as a feminist, my perspective is not that women should be paid more than men for equal work, but that they should be paid the same as men. And have the same advancement opportunities.

It’s been a long, tough road to get salary parity, and in most parts of the country, women still get paid far less for the same work, and are not offered the same advancement opportunities.

But, because of the rise of jobs like mine, which require only brain skills — and not bicep skills, or networking-at-the-strip-club-or-gulf-club — and tend to pay a solid salary, offer fabulous benefits, and flexible hours, women surpass their male peers in the big cities.

In other words, thank god for the internet.

(Editor update: The huzzband brought to my attention that I slightly misinterpreted the article, but since he disapproves of blog comments, I’ll just post his email here: “The NYT takes pains to point out that much of the reason for the women’s gain in NYC isn’t that they’re getting paid more for the same work, but that they’re more likely to be educated and therefore more likely to have a better job.” Editor here, again. Ah, yes, he’s right. Well, either way this is good news for my gender.)

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