Photos: Replica of a Hurricane Katrina House

This afternoon we wandered over to the Socrates Sculpture Park to check out one of the newest installations — a “ghostly full-scale latex replica of a demolished Lower Ninth Ward shotgun-style home” by sculptor Takashi Horisaki.

I don’t know if it struck me as ghostly, but it was certainly cool to explore. See my photos:

Katrina House from the front view

It was spooky, I’ll admit, yet there were dozens of people, families and their dogs, barking, laughing, having a good time. An odd juxtaposition, difficult to ponder the artwork. I need to go back during the week, on a cloudy morning, when it’s just me, and my favorite park.

Girls at the Katrina House

Girls at the Katrina House

I also enjoyed the gardens in the park, which are in full bloom. A Mothra landed on my leg.

Mothra on my leg

Down the road from our house, I spotted this growing on someone’s shed, although this was an urban shed amid concrete and razor-wire. No grass for blocks, this pumpkin patch somehow sprang up in the back of a large group of row houses.

Pumpkins on a Shed

2 thoughts on “Photos: Replica of a Hurricane Katrina House

  1. Takashi Horisaki says:

    Thank you for visiting Socrates Sculpture Park.
    I spent three months in New Orleans to go through from
    finding a house, getting permission to casting house and bringing and rebuilding
    the house in NYC. I am now exhausted and zonbie, but am glad that many people
    visit and think about what is happening in Louisiana and Mississippi.

    I hope I can find place to displace the house, which means exhibit it in
    different cities.

    I and Nina, my wife live in Long Island City and Astoria border. (edge of 36 ave sta. area.)

  2. westernqueensland says:

    I Really liked the instillation, and am glad I finally got off of my ass and saw visited the sculpture garden behind Costco. I think, like a phoenix, the instillation was the perfect one for my fist visit there. I, too, took some photos and I hope to get some of them up later on my blog. The effect of the flaccid latex was the perfect medium for the impotent failure of our nation to the disaster. Furthermore, there was something wonderfully gothic about both the shotgun-shack-cast (in latex) and its instillation under some trees by the East River.

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