Random Pretty Photos: Corpus Christi, Texas

On a recent trip to see my family, I brought along my camera (as usual). Two things primarily drive the Corpus Christi economy: the bounty of the nearby Gulf (shrimping, fishing & cargo shipping) and the bounty of the earth (petroleum production and refining). Disappearing natural resources, both of them.

The former tends to be more photogenic, often in surprising ways.

Shrimp Boat License Plates

The oil industry is less photogenic (with the exception of the handsome workers, of course). I was scared of getting in trouble for photographing a refinery, even from the highway, so this one was snapped at 70 mph, a challenge for any photog:

A Texas Refinery

Back to the water. Cole Park is in downtown Corpus Christi (using a liberal definition of the word downtown.) They recently built a skatepark, which is neato:

Skaters in Corpus Christi

And plenty of kids are still drawn to the pier at Cole Park:

Kids on the Pier at Cole Park

5 thoughts on “Random Pretty Photos: Corpus Christi, Texas

  1. Toby Walker says:

    Hello, I was born in 1952 and when I was a child of 6 we took a trip to Rio Hondo TX. every year. It was a twelve hour drive from midland because we always stopped in San Antonio to go to the zoo and to buy dad a 1/2 pint of Old Crow so he could get us lost and be relaxed doing so, HA! Anyway after a week in Rio Hondo we would go up the coast to Corpus Christi for a few days. I can remember the night fisherman saying very little on the end of the pier at Cole Park. It was such a relaxing place and they all seemed to coexist with the common bond as night fisherman. They would be out there until almost daylight. I tried to talk to a few and you could tell they were not people very socially adapted, appearance or other reasons. I wish you could get a night shot of that pier Thanks Toby

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