A Thrilling Afternoon

Some things that are on my mind right this moment:

– Why is it always so cold in my office? How many times have I thought that already today?

– What is my dog doing right now? Does he miss me?

– Man, it’s nice and warm outside. I’d love to walk all the way to Central Park right now, then take a nap.

– I have Spanish class tonight. I wish I was better at Spanish. A lot better.

– When is the third season of Battlestar Gallactica out on DVD?

– My parents 39th wedding anniversary is coming up. Christ, that’s a long time.

– So is my Dad’s 61st birthday. And my wedding anniversary (my first.)

–  I have three blisters on my feet in various states of healing.

– Why do I always crave peach smoothies?

– Procrastination is my worst enemy. Time to get back to work.

3 thoughts on “A Thrilling Afternoon

  1. mmalan says:

    Regarding your dog: Yes, he misses you. His Minnesota caretakers are poor substitutes for the real thing. You can see it in his eyes…though he is carrying on bravely. We tell him daily that you will be reunited soon.
    Right now he is helping his grandfather install a new heater at the cabin. He’s been promised a rockhunting expedition before the day is over.

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