Chupacabra in Texas – Sarcoptic Mange aka El Chupacabra

Of all the many newspaper and online articles I’ve written over the years, my favorite is the one I wrote about el chupacabra, a goat-beast that plagues (the minds of residents of) South Texas:

Texas’ Blood-Sucking Monster,

So, it is with a morbid glee that I discovered this news of a recent chupacabra sighting in Cuero, Texas, complete with gruesome photo. The article debates whether this is a genuine chupacabra (which, would be awfully difficult to confirm, all things considered), a new species, a hyprid coyote-dog species, or simply what it really is — a dog that died with a severe case of sarcoptic mange.

Mange isn’t typically lethal, but it often leads to a dog becoming weak, emaciated, hairless and prone to dying of something else. It’s no wonder that, in the minds of my fellow South Texans, we’ve decided to turn into something far more fantastical, instead of what it is: A terrible but persistent infection, common in any place with lots of feral animals ( aka Texas).

6 thoughts on “Chupacabra in Texas – Sarcoptic Mange aka El Chupacabra

  1. Betty Victory says says:

    If it is mange, poor dogs!!! The Chupacabras always have their tongue hanging out to the side. Is that a part of mange???? I guess it could be dehydration. And with all of this going on, they may have very strange behavior.

    I knew you would love this story.

  2. Storm Shadowhand says:

    I have to say that I do not believe that the El Chupacabra is simply a coyote or fox with mange. There is no species of canine that has eyes as huge as this thing’s eye sockets. Nor are their eyes black. And also, I have never seen any kind of dog, wolf, coyote, or fox that has the hind legs and tail of a kangaroo. It looks more like a marsupial of some sort than a canine of any species. I have seen mange in all its forms; and mange does not mutate an animal in the least. It is a skin condition, but does not explain the thing’s eyes, ears, or legs,

  3. Squibby's Momma says:

    This woman in Texas is totally deluded!

    Xolo’s are one of the oldest and most rare dogs in the world and this woman is running them down with her car and shooting them for sport. She has only gotten away with it for so long because she is claiming they are El Chupacabras.
    I live in Utah and in a Hispanic community. None of the residents in my area have described the El Chupacabra as something resembling a dog.

    This woman is trying to make money off of this as evidenced by her tee shirt stand and the plans she claims to have to stuff the dogs head on her wall. This woman cites the blue skin color, hairlessness and incomplete dentition as her basis for these so called facts that this is a chupacabra. Those are traits that the Xolo’s have in spades. She’s nuts.

    She Needs To Be Stopped. Utah made animal cruelty a Felony. Whats wrong with Raymond Reese the assistant district attorney?

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