14 thoughts on “Random Pretty Photo: Sunset near Rincon, Puerto Rico

  1. DKN says:

    Betty, you should see my room! I have a whole set of these that joy took on our trip hanging over my bed. The pinks and greens in the photos compliment my colors perfectly.

  2. Betty Victory says:

    Dora, that sounds really cute !!! That is a nice idea, to hang those trip photos. I know you and Joy will always look back on that short, but sweet trip with fond memories. Looks like it is cooling off there, nicely. We are, unfortunately, still in a summertime mode. It has been a strange summer for us—cooler than usual (if you can call that cool!). Now, it seems like we are making up for that!!!

  3. DKN says:

    Thanks, Betty. I had been wanting to make my bedroom look like more of a ROOM than a dorm room – it was time for the posters to go. And it was Joy who gave me the idea to decorate with photos, I just don’t think she expected that I’d turn my room into the “Gallery of Joy” 🙂 I have her photos up in my front hallway, too, along with my dad’s stuff.

    I hope the weather starts to cooperate more! It’s borderline chilly here.

  4. Sorina says:

    Hello Joy,

    I saw your picture while i was looking for Puerto Rico images. It is a great photo, the colors are so well blended. 🙂


  5. Pat says:

    Thanks for your great sunset at Rincon photo. My cousin’s son (a surfer) got married on the Rincon beach today at sunset. Your photo served as my “virtual” participation in the nuptuals. Best Wishes, Andrew from cousin Pat.

  6. Katie says:

    Joy, I really admire your drive and dedication towards your pictures. The vibrant colors in this photo really captuers the way Puerto Rico really is, and all the viewers can get a taste of paradise from this picture. I can tell you that you have a real nack for beautiful pictures.

    Yours truly,

  7. Karen says:

    La verdad mirando las fotos de puerto rico es un lugar sorprendente …
    es muy muy bonito …
    quisiera que mi luna de miel fuera hay…
    Felicidadez Puerto Rico po ser un ligar tan hermoso…

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