Astoria Food: Bulgarian Equals Yum

Bulgarian Mixed Meat Dish

Oh, Astoria. You fun little neighborhood, you. Tonight we ventured down the barren strip of land known as 11th Street to Bulgara, a B-F-E restaurant serving delicious food in the middle-of-nowhere NYC. It’s perhaps the best Bulgarian food this side of the Ottoman Empire, or at least the East River. Tonight, Brendan, John, Dora and I were the only patrons at the overtly red-themed restaurant, but the solitude allowed us to giddily and unabashedly enjoy the divine cuisine.

Case in point: John was able to proudly admire his shashlik (basically, pork shish kabob), while sipping on his Melnik (a semi-sweet red vino), without wondering what others would think:

John with Shashlik

Hilarious photos of scantily clad Bulgarian ladies lined the walls, all autographed with the salutation “Za.” And, Bulgarian TV played in the background. They were but mere distractions: As is so often the case in Astoria, the food was yummy, from the rich creamy Russian Potato Salad to the juicy, gooey, feta-infused fried burek. With all this food in our bellies, we had no choice but to walk back home. We left and walked down Vernon Boulevard, which lines the East River.

Bulgara Restaurant


This part of Long-Island-City-slash-Astoria is mostly industrial, with a smattering of residences and churches tucked among the factories:

Jesus Saves

And the occasional parked and abandoned spaceship-like pedicab:

Astoria Pedicab

We stopped in Rainey Park to absorb the view. Goodbye, New York.
Rainey Park

(The same photos, plus a few more, are available here )

3 thoughts on “Astoria Food: Bulgarian Equals Yum

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