Want Photos of New York in Fall? You Got It

Pagan Man at Botanical Gardens

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of search engine traffic for people searching the words “new york in fall.” OK, people: While fall hasn’t officially kicked in yet here — the trees on my street are all still green — I’ve got plenty of photos of autumn splendor in New York. So here ya go.

And yeah, this stuff is weird. It’s from the New York Botanical Gardens Halloween Parade, which is fantastic (and more crowded each year. I think Dora and I managed to go before it jumped the shark). I’m not sure exactly what these creatures are supposed to be, but I call them “pagan……”

Pagan Gods

Isn’t that lovely? Amazingly, the children touring the parade aren’t creeped out by the creatures. It’s like they’ve stepped into a Jim Henson movie, I guess, and they’re OK with that.

This is a Japanese Maple:


This is the Bronx River, and trees:

Bronx River in Fall

More photos from the New York Botanical Gardens Halloween Parade:

New York Botanical Gardens

I went in 2004 (when I had a tiny digital camera and not my fancy Nikon that I covet now!). I think 2005 might have been even prettier, judging by this guy’s photos.

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