All the Wrong Moves: Drunk Dancing at Weddings

Joy and Dora dancing

Email from Joy to Dora:
what am i doing here? trying to fly away?
Dora’s response:
what am i doing? ringing the dinner bell?

Backstory: Dora recently sent me a bunch of photos from our friend Anneka’s wedding. There is, unfortunately, quite a few photos of Dora and I (shamelessly) gettin’ our groove on. At the time, I’m sure we thought we looked smashing — that at any moment, if Justin Timberlake walked in, he’d spot us from across the banquet hall and immediately sign us up as his back-up dancers.

Now, in hindsight, the photos show just how well stocked the open bar was. Thankfully, though, we’re not alone: Drunk dancing at weddings is an American pastime, usually done to extraordinarily tacky music, like “She’s a Brickhouse” or some awful Billy Idol song.  Cases in point: There’s this guy, Dan, showing off his skills. And Flickr is rife with drunk dancing.

Still, though, that doesn’t make it easier to view the photos once you’ve recovered from all the revelry. Now I see why Brendan stays seated in his banquet table chair, content to just watch. (Although, based on the photos alone, there’s really no proof he actually attended his friend’s wedding, since no one likes photos of people sitting in chairs off in a corner by themself).

While I’ll always cherish the Joy-in-flight-Dora-ringing-the-dinner-bell photo, I prefer the photos of me dancing where you wonder if the photographer was drunk and dancing, too:

Me dancing or something

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