Where in the World Is Joy?

(Photo by Mattron on Flickr)

I’m somewhere in that hazy big mess of concrete, steel, glass and air pollution in New York City. We’re in an Upper East Side hotel this week, as we wait for our Mexican visas to get finalized (allegedly ready tomorrow!) (Note: This photo was uploaded two months ago, but it sorta looks like that today!)

I’m on Day Four of working as a freelancer, and so far, I love it. I work from the hotel room, on the computer, singing out loud to myself, and dance like a maniac whenever the mood strikes me. (Although the guys on the scaffolding fixing the terraces of this building have caught me a couple of times. Yikes — but it was probably more frightening for them than me.) I also get to avoid this bizarre sweltering weather blanketing the Northeast.

So, in other words, I am living a life of comfort and have absolutely no complaints! “For once!” as those who know me might say.

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