My College Town: Sparse, But Beautiful

Organ Mountain Snow Clouds

(Originally uploaded by slongtoo)

I’ve recently become enamored with Flickr, where there are millions of not-half-bad photos on millions of topics. I don’t like to post my own photos there, for selfish reasons, but I love to look up photos of places I visited or lived in the pre-digital camera era.

Case in point: I went to college at New Mexico State University, a place few people outside of New Mexico have actually heard of. (In my nearly five years in New York City, I’ve met one other NMSU grad). It’s in Las Cruces, New Mexico, near the Mexican and Texas border — yeah, basically smack-dab in the middle of the desert. It was gorgeous in a sparse, scorched sort of way. Those mountains in the photo were my view every day for three years. It was the perfect place to take a long road trip with the windows rolled down, letting the hot, dry air roll up your neck, as you stared at the canyons or the blooming cacti.

I also lived there right before the town’s population really exploded, before there was a big bookstore, or even a decent coffee shop. It was still quaint, albeit dusty and poor, too.

Click here to see New Mexico as its most beautiful. Wow, huh? She’s a hell of a photographer.

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