Taco Bell Is Expanding to Mexico? No Quiero!

(no quiero taco bell! Originally uploaded by Scuzzi)

In high school, I frequented Taco Bell almost every day. Two bean burritos and a small Dr. Pepper: $2.12.

So, I don’t totally hate Taco Bell, but it annoys me to see that the fast food chain’s parent company — the obnoxiously named “Yum Brands” — thinks it’s time to re-expand into Mexico, according to this Canadian Press article. (Previous expansion efforts failed, but they are hopeful the economy can handle it this time around).

“[In Mexico], the company is projecting a more “American” fast-food image by adding french fries – some topped with cheese, cream, ground meat and tomatoes – to the menu at its first store, which opened in late September in the northern city of Monterrey,” the Press article says.

Great. Along with Starbucks, McDonalds, and other over-populated U.S. chains, I now can look forward to even more blending of U.S.-Mexico culture with Taco Bell in Mexico. Serving french fries. With ground meat. (Sounds so healthy!)

The world gets smaller every day, sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad.

(Sidenote: This hotel I’m currently staying at in NYC is right by a Taco Bell, and I went there for a nostalgic lunch recently. “Taco Bell!” I thought. “This will be just like high school.” I unwrapped a burrito, bit in, and then spat it out. OMG! Either my taste buds have grown far more refined, or those bean burritos are now made with extra blandness.)

3 thoughts on “Taco Bell Is Expanding to Mexico? No Quiero!

  1. DKN says:

    Ugh. I’ve attempted to relive a few nostalgic Taco Bell experiences in the last few years and I give up. it’s sucks. Especially out here, the food is lukewarm, not hot. And yeah, taste? I believe they’ve actually managed to make the cheese even more fake than it was before.

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