Photos: Parque Lincoln in Polanco, Mexico City

Our “corporate suite” is just off this park. It’s usually quiet, except for the sometimes crazy traffic. The artwork in the park is stunning. I definitely like more literal sculpture, and this park is full of it. It’s also very dog friendly, and has an aviary in the middle….The best thing of all the lovely things in Mexico is its abundance of parks.


More photos:

sculpture in full


4 thoughts on “Photos: Parque Lincoln in Polanco, Mexico City

  1. onlyletters says:

    Hi there, I’ve been reading your whole Mexico City experience, you’ve done so great so far, for what I’ve read.

    It’s kinda funny to see how foreign people (your case) go through a rough time for some sort of things here in Mexico, the cab conversation, etc. It happened the same to me when I was in the USA, or even worse, I guess.

    It’s also interesting how you see our society and idiosyncrasy, and how you react to experiencies here. It’s useful to see how an external individual reacts to us, in order to have an idea of how the rest of the world defines us.

    Hope you have a great time in Mexico.

    Luis from Monterrey (Northern Mexico)

    PS. If you have the chance to go to Puebla (colonial city) go!, I love it there.

  2. Joy says:

    Thanks Luis! My husband and I stayed in Monterrey during a roadtrip from Corpus to Zacatecas. It was really pretty! We haven’t made it to Puebla, yet, but it’s on our agenda.

  3. Bruna says:

    Hi there. Just bumped into your blog and wow, so good to have some tips about this place. I have moved here 10 days ago, and I might be staying next to you somewhere. We are in Calle Newton, so close to the park! I’ll read everything here now! =)


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