The Coffee at Starbucks in Mexico City Tastes…

…disappointingly similar to the coffee at Starbucks in New York City.

The baristas also speak better English than the baristas in New York City, and the decor is freakishly similar as well, right down to the little salt shakers filled with nutmeg or cocoa, and the calming yuppie music playing quietly in the background.

I had to force the barista to speak to me in espanol.  And if you’re wondering, I demanded that he tell me that iced coffee in espanol is “cafe con helado.”

(Also, we learned a great tip this weekend — ice at restaurants is safe to drink if it’s not cubed (homemade). Big, round, commercial looking ice is safe to have in your beverages.)

5 thoughts on “The Coffee at Starbucks in Mexico City Tastes…

  1. Joy says:

    No, basically, you know it’s commercial if it’s in big circular shapes (donut shaped) and you can put your straw through it and hold the ice up on the straw…you know what I mean?

    If it’s not, you tell the waiter to bring something else — ‘sin helado.’

    And I don’t think it’s ecoli, exactly — more like a plethora of possible critters, including, in some neighborhoods, way too much chlorine. (To natives of South Texas, this will seem very familiar.)

  2. mmalan says:

    But isn’t helado ice cream? And ice hielo?

    But then I spose there’s something in iced coffee besides ice and coffee…

    Confession: I am profoundly happy that Starbuck’s tastes precisely the same everywhere. (For someone so uncool as to LIKE Starbucks, it’s immensely reassuring to know an iced soy latte will always taste precisely the same.)

  3. Joy says:

    Yes, “cafe con helio” would have been my guess, too, but he said “helado,” which is probably the Starbucks en Mexico equivalent of “Frappuccinos.”

    “Quisiera cafe con helado” sounds way more cool than “I would like a Frappuccino.”

    They sell soy milk (leche de soy) in the grocery stores, too, and the most amazing array of yogurt flavoris, including:

    Which is also FANTASTIC in margaritas. (I plan to do more research on this new discovery.)

  4. teseo says:

    OK, here is the run down. Cafe helado, is iced coffee, cafe CON helado, means, coffee AND icecream.
    And i have no problem either with the flavour, is is starbucks and it should taste like it, like i dont want a wooper that tastes like a chilli dog.
    also, if you just ask for helado, you will have to tell them what flavour, cos thats icecream.
    try the nice old coffee shops downtown or in roma and ask for a cafe CON leche. It is not a latte, its like heavy coffe concentrate with nice warm milk… wow!

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