Another Skill Mastered: Ordering Take-Out in Mexico City

Mi esposo esta en Washington D.C. esta semana para viaje de negocios. Estoy sola para cinco dias, pero estoy ocupada con mi trabajo. Tambien, estoy teniendo cenar con mis amigas, Susana y Nancy, manana noche, y estoy vistando Toluca con “Newcomer’s Club of Mexico City” en jueves para comprar calaveras para Dia de los Muertos!

Not only is Brendan out of town (sniff sniff) I’ve also been sick with a bad cold for the past two days (more sniff sniff), subsisting on ramen noodles, cereal, water and sleep. Late this afternoon, my appetite returned — no surged. But I was in a bit of a quandary: I could either go to the grocery store to buy more ramen, or I could try ordering food to go — in espanol. Thanks to our tutor, I knew how to do that.

I was craving the food from my new favorite diner: Klein’s in Polanco. It’s a little touch of the gran manzana aqui en cuidad de Mexico. There’s even a star of David on the wall, although it is not kosher. Brendan and I ate there this weekend, after a long day of looking at apartments and Spanish tutoring. We both ordered hamburgers and fries. (My first burger in about 5 years, I’d guess – I gave up vegetarianism recently).

So, tonight, I decided to join the living and walk over to Klein’s and proudly and correctly ordered mi comida to go. Woohoo! It went flawlessly, which is rare for me.

“Puedo llevarse mi comida?” is (roughly) how you ask the waiter to get your food to go. “Servicio a domicilio?” is what you ask if you call and want to know if they can deliver.

Here’s my delicious, triglyceride loaded bounty:
Big Fat Burger

4 thoughts on “Another Skill Mastered: Ordering Take-Out in Mexico City

  1. Betty Victory says says:

    Joy, are you giving up vegetarianism for good?? Or is this just a temporary thing until you are more settled in?? You are really getting good at practical use of Spanish in such a short time.

    I wish I could make you some chicken and dumplings!! Hope you get to feeling better, soon!!

  2. Joy says:

    We are still vegetarian at home, but not when we go to restaurants, unless there happens to be an (appealing) vegetarian item on the menu. Our tutor (a Mexico City native) is a strict vegetarian so she has been giving us advice on where to go. Mom, I hope you get to meet her — I think you’d like her.

  3. Gayle says:

    I can’t even imagine you eating a burger. I’m looking at your meal and thinking, “Joy? Eating this? Right.” Hope you’re feeling mucho better. (Hey, I took French – my Spanish is limited to what I picked up from my days living in the Bronx…)

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