The Bizarre But Tasty Flavor Combos of Mexico City Food

My dia de muertos altar

I created this little altar (ofrenda) from some of the stuff I’ve been buying these past few weeks.

In the center is pan de muertos — a delicious, lemon-infused pastry doused with sugar. The top of each pan has a design that looks a bit like a skeletal spider. They are for sale all over the place right now. If you’re a bit shy of trying new “ethnic” foods, it’s a good one to try — it’s a simple pastry. Just make sure to get fresh ones.

If you didn’t like pan de muertos, but were craving pastries (who doesn’t crave pastries??), you’d be out of luck in a lot of bakeries and grocery stores right now. It’s basically one of the few things for sale.

Which brings me to my point: When you go grocery shopping in Mexico City, or when you eat out at a restaurant, you’re often treated to a whole new way of eating, and you have to be ready for anything.

Last night, for example, we ate at a restaurant that served their little tiny pastor tacos in corn tortillas, with shredded radishes, onions and hot thin slices of pineapple. That’s right — hot thin slices of pineapple. How was it? Incredible! Once you’ve had it, you wonder why wasn’t it always served with grilled pineapple.

And, right now, I’m drinking “flavored” diet water — there are more flavors of diet water than you could possibly imagine. This bottle, at first glance, looks like lemon-lime flavored water. But once I took a sip, I thought “is that cucumber?” and I checked the label more closely and spotted the tiny cucumber slice.

How does it taste? Also incredible. Brendan and I also have become big fans of jamaica (hibiscus) flavored water and tea. Who knew that hibiscus — which grows all over the place in tropical areas — was so delicious?

7 thoughts on “The Bizarre But Tasty Flavor Combos of Mexico City Food

  1. Betty Victory says says:

    Hibiscus???? Wow, I could make plenty of that –if I knew what I was doing. The pineapple/veg. tacos sound delicious. Are they a little sweet and sour??? The lemon muertos pastry is probably delicious. I just wish they weren’t using a spider on top. That creeps me out. Guess I could close my eyes. No wonder people associate this holiday with Halloween!

    Just love all of these colorful pictures and your homemade ofrenda. Funny in Corpus, I have always heard it called Dia de los muertos (NEVER ever leaving off the los).

  2. Giselle says:

    Pan de muertos – literally bread of the dead – looks so delicious! Anything lemon has my attention =) As fot the hibiscus flavored water, I really ought to try that *mental note*.

  3. mmalan says:

    I am addicted to hibiscus tea, as served at the Clicquot Club Cafe in Minneapolis. They tell me they get the tea from the Tea Source in St. Paul (where they sell two varieties–hibiscus and hibiscus punch). Someday I’m going to try making my own.

  4. Concetta says:

    Hey Joy! Have you tried any pumpkin flower yet? Also very tasty…Actual hibiscus flowers taste good too- and you acn also eat pepper flowers- dont ask me how I know this stuff.I love to eat flowers…and cucumber water… how refreshing! mmmmm… I need to go eat now…

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